9 New Changes to Facebook
September 14, 2011 9:16 PM | Tagged as Facebook, Facebook changes, Mari Smith

One change you will notice on Facebook is a new publisher (the box where you post updates / share content) at the top of your newsfeed and profile wall. There are several more changes of note:

  • Public – for each post you share you can select visibility on a post by post basis.
  • Geotagging – you can now add your location to any status update or photo.
  • Tag friends you’re with – just click on the little people+ icon to tag friends.
  • @ tag any page – now you can include an @ tag of any facebook page whether you like the page or not.
  • Links – the “links” button has been removed.
  • Videos – the “video” button has been removed, it’s now under photos.
  • Privacy – this is probably the biggest change. Content in which you’re tagged will require approval. Past posts can be retroactively changed to limit the audience.
  • The photo viewer is now white (and the “X” to close the lightbox has been moved farther out depending on the size of your screen).
  • Ticker – you may see this on the right column of your newsfeed. This is the activity under your “most recent” newsfeed.

Most of these changes are very user–friendly and you’ll find ways to make them work for you by utilizing the features on your facebook page.

Points taken from article by Mari Smith

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